“Changing small details can make a huge change in results…”

Common injuries :

On this page I am describing typical injuries that either myself or my athletes have had and describing some of the methods that we use in the recovery process. This is not a recipe for treatment – it is a guideline.

Hamstring Injury

Hamstring injuries are one of the most common injuries in athletics, especially in explosive events such as sprints and jumps.
Cold weather, lack of flexibility, insufficient warm up or an excess of sharp, speed work can all contribute to a hamstring strain. Aside from this there are two major reasons that cause hamstring injuries:

  1. Poor technique
  2. Overused or under recovered muscles.

Hamstring injuries can occur in many different parts of the muscle

  • Upper Hamstring
  • Mid Hamstring
  • Lower Hamstring

The process of rehabilitation should vary with the area of injury.

Knee Injury

There are two ways to make the knees stronger to avoid injury : 

  1. Strengthen Ligaments;
  2. Strengthen the muscles that support the knee (quads and hamstrings).

Back Injury

The most vulnerable part of the back is the lower back – the place were the upper body connects with the hip.
Young athletes have lower back injury mainly because the vertical impact on the whole spine exceeds the strength of the core muscles.

Two major injuries are :

  1. Neuralgia when the vertebrae become unstable and pinches one of the spinal nerves. This mostly happens when the body grows dis-proportionally quicker than the muscles and ligaments becoming stronger.
  2. Stress fracturesoccur mainly from overloaded training in this area. Many talented teenagers often do 2- 3 sports at one time and don’t have enough time for rest in between training sessions.

Foot / Ankle Injury

The most common injuries in the foot area are twisting the ankle and pain in the Achilles tendon.

An Achilles problem mostly occurs when the calf muscles are overused, especially on synthetic surfaces, or wrong running or jumping techniques (e.g. the foot placed on the ground in the wrong position which creates overloading for muscles)

My goal with all my coaching is to prevent injury. If you want to know more, contact me.