I am a Consultant

“Nothing happens by chance…”

My story - As a Consultant

Many people only begin to explore health and spirituality when they are under the threat of a serious illness or as they near the end of their life. My experience was different. For an average person, I was in almost perfect health on the inside; the problem was that my body wasn’t letting me jump how I wanted – I had injuries to just about all my muscle groups and western medicine seemed powerless to help me.


As I have mentioned often – nothing happens by chance….  this also was not by chance.


Towards the end of my sporting career, I began meeting people who I call, my Teachers. I discovered a lot of amazing things that would have been useful in the prime of my sporting career, and when I asked one of my first teachers why I didn’t meet him earlier- he simply answered, “you weren’t ready”. My understanding of life is now this: When a student is ready, teachers are already ready and waiting for him/her. It took me a long time to understand what this meant, but now I know. You must be ready to receive and understand a different level of knowledge and way of understanding. You can’t buy this knowledge, and you can’t just have it as a gift; you must earn it.


My teachers opened up my perspective of life and showed me another world. I found out about Eastern philosophy and non-traditional medicine. I started to learn about energy, breathing, concentration, massage, nutrition and many other alternative methods that can help to support your body, maintain your immune system and increase your resistance to stress. I couldn’t believe how much knowledge human kind had collected and couldn’t understand why we weren’t using it more effectively.


I had no fear about changing my perception of the world and I did a lot of experiments to develop my body, mind and spirit. Firstly, I did a 7-day fast without any preparation, just read a book (Paul Bragg-The Wonder of Fasting). I did a full fast for 7 days with only water, and the result was pretty amazing. My second experiment was an intestine cleansing by yoga methods [Shank Prakshalana]. I found out that we can clean and revitalize our other systems as well; I cleansed my liver, my kidneys and then my joints and cartilage. I did a lot of strange and unusual things, some more effective than others and some not useful at all.


Through this journey, sport has been my biggest advantage – I am in tune with my body and can conduct it better than the average person. As I was learning new techniques and methods I could check the effectiveness of each system in the hardest and most stressful situation of high performance. When I became a coach, my athletes shared this journey with me, and I had even more opportunity to extend my knowledge and experience. Later my friends and acquaintances started to ask questions, and so I began working with non-athletes. This was the beginning of my life as a Consultant.


For me is very interesting to see how quickly or slowly physical and/or intellectual condition deteriorates with age. Is it possible to be in perfect or nearly perfect health for the rest of your life? I am still trying to find the answers to this question, always checking and refining my methods and systems.


One thing continues to amaze me; the volume of strength and power our body has in reserve. We just need to learn how to find and then utilise these keys.


Since finishing my sporting career in 1987, I, myself have been looking for the “keys” and helping others to find their ‘keys’ for life, so that they can achieve maximum performance in their field of endeavour.

I now consult with both athletes and non-athletes in a variety of fields.