“It’s easier to perform in life with good health…”

My Health Philosophy

Health is the ability to do whatever you want to do without limitations.
Health is balance – sickness is imbalance

The ability of our bodies to have enough strength and energy to do everything that we want is not just about eating the correct food, it is about creating harmony between our psychology, our physiology, our movement and our eating habits.

I have discovered that our body does not have to start deteriorating with age …Our body was designed by nature to move and if we have a lack of motion in our lives, all functions affect each other, and we start to lose ability and function.

Our human body is an amazingly designed self-recovering system but there needs to be a balance – a harmony.

What I’ve learnt about Health

Depending on what we are eating, food can be a medicine or a poison. I have learned that we can clean our liver, kidney, joints, recover our cartilage and revive our intestinal digestive system. I came to the realization that if you are not responsible for your own health, then why should a doctor be? Health is a big business, and your sickness can simply create wealth for the pharmaceutical/medical industry. Western medicine has its place, but I see many people who have lost the art of listening to their bodies and asking themselves questions. I’m not against Western medicine, but I think that people rely too much on tablets to be a quick and easy ‘fix’.   We need to take responsibility for our own problems and our own lives.

Throughout my journey, sport has been a huge advantage. As I was learning new techniques and methods, I could check the effectiveness of each system during the hardest and most stressful situation, that of high performance. When I started to be a coach, my athletes went on this journey with me, and through that I have had even more opportunity to extend my knowledge and database.

Our body is created with an enormous potential for self-recovery. We just need to know how the system works. If you buy a top-quality computer for example, and have no knowledge on how to use it, the maximum use you’ll get is to send an email or play games. Unfortunately, with health, the price of ignorance is much more painful, and life can become a hell for yourself and the people close to you.

Destiny has given me a lot of gifts, mostly by sending me the teacher or person I needed at the right time. Be grateful for your pain or injury – it can be the key to your next door. If you are missing the key – let’s talk.