Health Systems and Therapies

“It’s easier to perform in life with good health…”

Yoga is an ancient system which combines dynamic and static physical exercise, with breathing and mental exercises (meditation). This all helps to balance the body and mind with the universe.

Food and Nourishment
It is important to never underestimate what you put in your mouth and how that impacts your body.
I have changed my food habits completely since I started learning about food combinations.

Juice Therapy
To start your day with fresh juice gives your body the start it needs. I have many recipes that I interchange depending upon what my body needs.


Cupping is relatively unknown in the West until recently. It was developed thousands of years ago, and though the techniques have modernised, the original philosophy remains the same. It is an alternative therapy that has been popular in China since around 1000BC. In Russia, this is and has always been a very common therapy for respiratory diseases. But now, more and more athletes are trying to use it as a soft tissue and muscle massage, as it gives a different effect than hand massage.