I enjoy sharing what I have learned with others and have developed a series of workshops and seminars that I facilitate around the world – not just for athletes but for anyone who has a strong personal interest in health and long term physical activity…

My current challenge is seeing how my body ages and how to maintain maximum functionality and performance in all areas of my life.

The combination of traditional and non traditional methods that I have learned has resulted in a system of fitness, diet and lifestyle that will develop a better quality of life and a better performance on the field of sport or life. My studies have been proven in the lives of High Performance athletes who carry a huge physical, mental and emotional stress.

My seminars and workshops involve theory and practice of major principles of health/sport. Some examples include:   

Health and Well-being

The following components are vital for general health and well as for High Performance

    • 1. nutrition – combination of foods; how food can be used as a remedy, for recovery (after or in sickness or physical load) and for increased general energy level.
    • 2. breathing – breathing exercises to improve concentration, relaxation and optimise oxygen consumption;
    • 3. movement – principles, exercises to balance the strength of the body;
    • 4. water –myths and reality of use;
    • 5. rest – what does ‘rest’ really mean for your body and how to rest effectively.

Delaying the effects of the Aging Process

    • 1. regular exercise – but not overloading your body. The older you are, the more regularly your body must work;
    • 2. food – the older you are, the more aware you need to be about your food intake;
    • 3. regular rest or recovery procedure;
    • 4. positive thinking, find happy moments in your day;

Strength and Conditioning

    • 1. develop physical condition for different types of sport (to perform-as an individual or in teams);
    • 2. physical exercise to maintain your health (how to plan your daily exercise)
    • 3. developing specific condition (e.g. speed, strength, flexibility)