Legs Challenges

I like challenges because I am still an athlete inside, and they are, by definition, a challenge. Challenges provide a way for me to compare myself against myself, and other people.

Challenges are not goals – I use them as a base line to test my current condition.

It’s important to have strong legs for many reasons. Firstly, they are an important part of our body, and secondly, once your legs are strong, it is easier to make the upper body strong.
Everyone can set up their own challenges, but these are some of my leg challenges.
Before you do these challenges, try to do as many slow full squats as you can. If you can do 100 slow full squats, you are ready for the challenge of quick squats. These exercises can be done anytime, anywhere. If you spend 2 minutes every day and do the maximum number of repetitions – your training session is done!!

This exercise is a little more challenging for your legs.This will make your legs, glutes, and lower back stronger.

This exercise is a little more challenging for your knees. You can load your quads with great effort without loading your lower back.

This challenge can be done for any level of condition. Changing the arm position, you can dramatically increase the load and strength on your legs.

The challenge is for you to see you where are now – your age, your condition, your mind set…. What is your condition at the moment?

Can you do better - let me know how? For me it is interesting to hear how you have achieved it?If you need help,

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