Training Athletes

“For me important result – not just participation”

Currently, I work with athletes both individually, and within my squad.

As you can see from the athlete’s stories page, very often, athletes come to me with an injury and this is the starting point of my work with them. Often to rest an injury is not the best way to solve the problem – athletes need to do a large volume of training and train regularly with increasing volume and intensity of exercise. If an injury is not treated correctly and completely, or the technique is not changed, the injury will return.

Injury is often caused either because of a lack of strength in certain parts of the body; or a disproportion between groups of muscles.

So, it is important for me to discover the reason for the injury. I can then create a system of exercises to train the muscles and ligaments, to start the rehabilitation process, and strengthen and ultimately change the technique that caused the problem in the first place.

Sometimes this takes weeks, sometimes months, and it requires a lot of mental focus from both the coach and athlete to change movement and technique.But it is possible!!

As well as my jump squads, I have worked with sprinters, soccer players, tennis and basketball players, boxers, bob sledders, snow boarders and even cheerleaders – all with various injuries.

All of them came back to high performance sport.