Arms and Upper Body

I like challenges because I am still an athlete inside and they are by the word – a challenge and provide a way to compare myself against myself and other people.

Challenges are not goals – I use them as a base line to test my current condition.

I like kettle bells – in any variation!!! Try this challenge – it is a good one!

Another challenge for the arms and abdominal muscles. 10 steps on your fist is a good result.

If you have upper body strength, you look and feel good. Again, physical development of your body needs to be in harmony.

Everyone can set up their own challenges – these are some of my upper body challenges.

My second test was:

• Muscle ups on the bar

The first video of that test 2 years ago

Muscle ups on the bar

I must admit in this video I did a little trick with swinging my legs, but the chin up bar was not very stable. It made my test a little harder.

The challenge is for you to see you where are now – your age, your condition, your mind set…. What is your condition at the moment?

If you can you do better, I would love to know how. For me, it is always interesting to hear how others achieve the standard of fitness you have achieved.

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