Age & Ageing

“It’s easier to perform in life with good health…”

“Age is not how many years you have left; but how many things you still want to do and are still able to do..”

Whoever wants – looks for opportunity; whoever doesn’t want – looks for excuses.

No one tells us how to live after the age of 50. When we are children we are taught by our parents and through school. Life sometimes teaches us, but as we get older the lessons from teachers and situations begin to fade. We shouldn’t live like we have reached the top of the mountain at 50, then switch off, and slide down the slope into a sedentary life for the remainder of our existence. We need to learn and be active ourselves, and to be active,means to be young. Are you the type of person who has slipped down that slope into sedentary life? Or are you using your age as an excuse to do less?

For me, aging is not just about the years or how we look; aging is losing the ability to do something you want to do, that you used to be able to do before. It’s not just about physical activity, because I don’t want to triple jump or participate in high-level competitions any more, but I still want to do things like learn, travel, meet like-minded people, share knowledge, share experiences and have the energy to do all of this…and more.

From my point of view there are two major ways we can have enough energy to stay young;
1) Collect more energy;
2) Don’t waste energy in vain.

How can we collect more energy?

How can we not waste energy in vain ?

Years mean nothing. Age is the combination of how you look, how you feel, how many dreams you have and what ability you still have to achieve them. I am currently experimenting with what I can do physically and would like to invite you to join my journey. Have a look at my challenge page for some exercises.

If you are ready to start your journey – maybe I can help – let’s talk….